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Yellow Group


Key Person:       Dave Taylor

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Spring 1

I hope everyone had a good break and are looking forward to the coming term. It was a busy term before Christmas with all the practice and performance of our show SSshhhh don't wake the children. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, we are looking forward to listing to all the stories of our new presents. We will be looking to get back into our busy books, doing good listening and starting to understand what is being asked of us. 
Dave xx  

Autumn Term 1 

Welcome back to Rising 5's and Yellow Group.

After a year away from having a Key Group it is good to be back into our routine. 

We are getting to know our new friends and routines in Yellow Group along with getting to grips with our new bookbags and drawers. 

I will be away for a few weeks now for my operation, but when I return I am looking forward to seeing just how brilliant Yellow Group are.