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What is Rising 3's?

Little Meadow offer an opportunity for our younger children to start to explore their early education in afternoon sessions specifically targeted to support their transition to the setting in a sensitive way. Children are able to join this session from around the age of 2 years, depending on where their birthday falls and the availability of places. Please contact the setting if you are unsure when your child can start and the staff will be happy to help you.

Sessions are two and a half hours long which experience has shown that for many children who are just adjusting to not having an afternoon nap or yet to venture to a setting without parents that this is adequate time for the children to enjoy their session.

When do they run?

Little Meadow Rising 3's runs 1-4 sessions a week, depending on the unique needs of the child.

Session days         


Monday   12.30 – 3.00


Tuesday  12.30 – 3.00


Thursday 12.30 – 3.00


Friday      12.30 – 3.00


What do they do?

Whilst our sessions follow a plan, this is very fluid from day to day allowing the staff to adjust and adapt to meet the evolving needs of the children on each particular day.

The three prime areas of development are seamlessly intertwined to all we provide in order to capitalize on every opportunity to develop the children through their play and with them in control.

Each afternoon the children will experience the following activities interjected with activities that follow their lead:

  • Registration - initially this will be done whilst playing. By the summer the children are largely sitting on          the carpet and responding to their name.
  • Free play - Staff and children will jointly agree on activities to be brought out. Painting. Playdough,               craft, water and sand are out at every session.
  • Snack time
  • Group play - This may be outdoors, music and movement or circle time.
  • Singing/story time
  • Going home time- The children have a set routine for this that carries through into rising 5’s.



How much does it cost?

Rising three’s will have a charge of £15.00 per session and a registration charge of £15.00, this covers the cost of setting up all the records and registrations along with the provision of book bags in both Rising 3’s and Rising 5’s.

Once your child becomes entitled to nursery funding, any funding shortfall with Little Meadow is payable at £6.00 an hour, or £15.00 per session, in line with our Financial Agreement.

The government also operate a funding scheme for Achieving 2’s which has an assessment criterion. For further details please refer to the Family Information website at www.glosfamiliesdirectory.org.uk.

The term after your child’s 3rd birthday you will be able to access the universal 15 hours a week free childcare and this is administered by the setting and in some cases you may also be entitled to claim a further 15 hours extended funding. Please see our fees and funding page or click here for further information.

Places can be paid for using a large number of company voucher scheme’s, please contact the office for further details.


How do I enrol my child?

You are encouraged to bring your little person for a visit to Little Meadow and see what we have to offer. No appointment is necessary as our belief is that it is important for children and parents to see us as we are each day. For this reason we operate an open door policy. On visiting the building and speaking to the staff, once receiving our safety information, you will be escorted around the setting. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. After your show around, you will be invited to complete an Expression of Interest form which will then place your child on our waiting list and we will at this point discuss the process further with you.

Alternatively you can complete and return an Expression of Interest form from this site and either post it, email or bring it in to the office. You will then shortly after receive a letter from us confirming receipt and advising of the admissions process. We will keep in touch with you every step of the way.


What do the children have for snack?

During session and at snack the children help themselves to a choice of Milk and water. For those children that enjoy milk but due to dietary needs drinks alternative milk substitutes, the setting are happy to provide these. Snack time is a social occasion for the children to rehearse good eating habits whilst sat with peers. Snacks are provided and are often chosen by the Rising 5 children. One week they could be accessing a certain number of grapes and cheese from bowls to work out a total, another week practicing using a knife to spread a particular shaped cracker and another filling a pitta bread with salad grown in our garden. All the children are encouraged to try everything in order to develop a healthy attitude to food.


Does my child need a uniform?

At Little Meadow we do engage in some very messy activities and would hate any child to be prevented from accessing all that is on offer for fear of spoiling their clothes. For this reason a uniform is available but not compulsory. Uniform can be purchased from the setting office and is a lovely introduction to the children of wearing certain clothes at certain times.

Further information can be found on the uniform page

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