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Key Person:       Joyce Dedross

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Summer Term 1

It's been very exciting in the Purple group this term!

We learnt all about George who saved the princess from the dragon and became the Patron Saint George of England.

We painted pictures of roses, however we ran out of green paint, so we looked at all our paint colours and decided that yellow and blue made green. We were so excited we asked all our friends in orange, red and yellow to join with us.

We had our delivery of larvae which the children helped to transfer In to vials. We are now excitingly watching them grow in to caterpillars.   What will happen next!!

Until next time.....

Joyce x

Spring Term 2

Hello and a warm welcome from Purple Group.

Firstly, may I say a huge thank you to the children for guiding Sharon so very well whilst she was in charge of Purple group. From what I heard, Sharon enjoyed 'Wake and Shake' 😀

The children told me all about how they planted seeds and learnt about science with daffodils and how the stems drink water like a straw and if you add colour to the water the daffodils change colour too.  Water and sunshine make them warm and they grow.

I am now extremely happy to say I am now back with Purple Group and looking forward to working with your children during our next exciting chapter of transition.

Joyce x

Spring 1

What an exciting time we've all had in Purple group this last term.
We were all so very busy with all our Christmas preparations, making wrapping paper using our own choice of colours and stamps, decorating our Christmas card frames and learning our new songs with all our friends in Little Meadow for our Christmas performance of "Ssh Santa" which we hope you all enjoyed!!

This term we have started to learn about shapes we see around us and we are continuing to practise our numbers and problem solving.

Here's to an amazing new start to our new term.....