Little Meadow Group

The Little Peoples School 

See what our parents think......

"Millie has loved her time with you all at Little Meadow. It's been wonderful to see her confidence grow over the past year. Thank you, you have all been so supportive to us as a family and to Millie"...Katie, Millie's Mummy.

"Thank you for your time and patience in caring for Clemency for the past 15 months. I'm so thankful to have been able to choose Little Meadows as she has had the perfect balance between playing and learning, and has been given an invaluable start to her school life"...Yingyan, Clemency's Mummy.

"This playgroup is an excellent setting. We think Little Meadows is exceptional in what it is doing"...Rama, Ashvath's Daddy

"She has really enjoyed her experience with Little Meadows. She talks so fondly of her big people and tells everyone she meets about her pre-school"...Amanda, Harriet's Mummy.

"Thank you for looking after my girl. What a great start you have given her to begin her life journey"....Tia, Chloe's Mummy

"Noah has come home from Little Meadows always saying he has had a great day. Every Saturday and Sunday he asks if it's a Little Meadow day and is always disappointed when told no!"....Kirsty, Noah's Mummy.

"I can't thank Little Meadow enough. Isabel has grown so much in confidence, her speech and development".... Sarah, Isabel's Mummy.

"His confidence has grown and friendships have developed"...Louise, Henri's Mummy.

"Sophie always looks forward to her sessions at Little Meadows. I think the preparation for school has been great for her and will ease her into school life smoothly"....Catherine, Sophie's Mummy.

"Louie really looks forward to coming to Little Meadow and he talks fondly of the key workers. He's really enjoyed new experiences at the setting and making friends"... Rhiannon, Louie's Mummy.

"Bradley always says how amazing it is in the setting. He's made some good friends and thinks his group is the best"...Justyna, Bradley's Mummy.

"Max has absolutely loved his time at Little Meadows and can't wait to come in each day. We couldn't be happier with the progress Max has made"...Stephanie, Max's Mummy

"We think it is wonderful that you work so closely with the primary school to help transition to Big School. It has aided with the unknowns immensely. Keep it up!!"...Rowen, James' Mummy

"Amelia has thoroughly enjoyed Little Meadows and the excellent care provided by all the adults"....Janine, Amelia's Mummy

"He loved coming to Little Meadows every single day. Being at Little Meadows has been a great experience for Iker"...Lorena, Iker's Mummy

"I feel she has achieved confidence and independence through being at Little Meadows, also the enjoyment of learning through different activities"...Kelly, Pippa's Mummy.