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Summer Term 1

What a busy term we’ve had , it’s been so lovely to have our Joyce back full of energy we’ve really missed her.

We’ve been busy creating in room two with junk modelling.

With the arrival of some wellies kindly filled by parents we’ve been looking after them and watering them.

We’ve had the arrival of our caterpillars 🐛 and we are watching them change every single day.

Lots of exciting projects are planned for the upcoming months and we will be heavily focusing on our transition programme.

Take Care

Spring Term 2

Hi everyone

Just a quick update to let you know what we've been up to  this term.
We've had an exciting time with visits from the dental nurse showing us how we should brush our teeth and why we need to and what foods are good for us.

Brandon came to visit us and made our lobby look amazing we were able to be artists ourselves.

We are now looking at the hungry caterpillar  and the life cycle of a butterfly. How a butterfly is symmetrical and what that means.

We are really looking forward to our caterpillars arriving and watching them grow into beautiful butterflies.

Next term will be another busy one with many exciting things already planned.


Spring Term 1

What en exciting Christmas is was, we learnt new songs and routines for our performance and got up in front of all our families and friends. We did an amazing job and all the big people were incredibly proud of us.

We’ve had a busy start to 2019 we have started looking at how a story is structured with a beginning, middle and an end and even made our own story !

We have lots of exciting activities planned for this term including a visit from Brandon who we love to watch paint and create magical scenery we become budding artists with our own paint and easels.

Take care