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As an Ofsted registered setting we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Whilst the children’s lead and interests form the themes and topics, the activities are all underpinned by a sensitive curriculum that allows staff to individualise their delivery to meet the unique needs of all the children. Whether a child is an active learner, is beginning to engage in critical thinking whether creatively or cognitively or enjoying exploring through play it is the awareness of these characteristics of their learning  that allow staff to ensure they motivate each and every child.

We believe it is important to create a supportive environment for our children where they are not only supported by the staff but also by their peer group. For this reason our sessions are largely split into academic years. Our Rising 5’s, often referred to as pre-school or playgroup, benefit from a three hour session up to 5 mornings a week. A slightly shorter two and a half hour session is offered to those children between the ages of two and three in our Rising 3 sessions.  By adopting this sessional style of nursery arrangement it allows the children to rehearse and adopt strategies particularly within their Personal Social and Emotional development that will support them throughout their educational Journey.

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Our Environment

The setting provides a multi dimensional learning experience meandering over three rooms and a large wrap around outdoor area that is invited into the play rooms through large bi-fold doors. Being involved in the creation of the building from it’s very inception allowed staff to incorporate lots of glass to flood the rooms with natural light, room sizes that maximize space and neutral walls allowing for the children to display their creations taking ownership of their learning environment.


What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

The Early Years Foundation Stage is often referred to as the EYFS. It applies to all children from birth to 5 and must be followed by all schools and Ofsted early years providers including Childminders, Playgroups, Pre schools, Nurseries and Reception classes. It sets standards for the learning development and care and supports an integrated approach to Early Years.

It provides all practitioners with a set of common principles and commitments to ensure they deliver quality early education and experiences to ALL children. As well as reassuring parents and carers that regardless of who they choose to provide their child’s early education the learning and development will be underpinned by the same statutory requirements.

It is for this reason at Little Meadow when we have children who are working with other professionals, with parent permission we share our children’s journey in order to offer continuity and embrace their successes.

To learn more about the EYFS at Little Meadow visit our dedicated page below.

Early Year Foundation Stage

Provision for children with additional needs (SEND)